Adult Foster Care "Suites at SongBrook" - COMING SOON!
Comprehensive Service for Individuals with Disabilities or Chronic Medical Conditions, Requiring Daily Assistance

SongBrook plans to offer a secondary phase in 55 and Over community living -- that is, Adult Foster Care "Suites at SongBrook" -- within your SongBrook community.  Over the years we have seen the sorrow of many SongBrook friends and neighbors when their lifestyle needs change.  If the time comes requiring one to relocate and seek a level of professional living assistance through their next phase of life, receiving first class care within SongBrook simply makes good sense.


The Adult Foster Care "Suites at SongBrook" Vision:  make the transition to the next phase in life as pleasant as possible!  For current Homeowners, there would be no need to move away from your friends, family, and community; simply transition into a specific "Suite at SongBrook" residential home, housing up to five persons requiring care and who are not related to the provider by blood or marriage.  Of course, the "Suites at SongBrook" would be available to those who have not already chose the SongBrook lifestyle, yet require daily living assistance.

Once an Adult Foster Care "Suite at SongBrook" has been constructed, all the convenient amenities and comraderie offered at SongBrook will remain available to all Residents of the Adult Foster Care residential facility.  Where else will you enjoy your own large, private suite featuring a french door leading to your own private patio; your own in-room, private restroom facility; your own in-room flat screen HiDef television; an adjustable frame bed featuring a no-pressure "Tempurpedic" matress; medication, bathing, and living assistance when needed; complete laundry service; 3 square, home cooked meals every day; 24 hour live-in care; and all the beauty within and amenities of SongBrook!


Adult Foster Care Suites at SongBrook are not currently available.  Please Call 541-461-4000, the SongBrook office, for further details.