SongBrook is so Much More than the Stereotypical "Trailer Court" or "Mobile Home Park"
Our Dream, Your Reality!

Tucked away in their
subconscious mind was a picturesque vision; a business; an investment; a creation of their own which would provide an outlet for one of many needs of a growing community. Rod and Aileen Kragness, the original owners and developers of SongBrook, have lived in Eugene, Oregon, for over 40 years; a period of time enabling them to raise a family of four, experience the joys and trials of family farming, and become prominent citizens within Eugene and the surrounding area. After nearly 5 years of semi-retirement and dabbling in the Eugene and surrounding area’s exploding real estate market, Rod and Aileen stumbled across the manufactured housing industry. Without doubt, the industry had come a long way over the years -- the new Silvercrest Developer Homes and the Golden West Villas could no longer be classified as mobile homes, let alone trailers!

In the Fall of 1992 Rod and Aileen purchased a 40 acre farmstead which for years had been owned by Mrs. Muriel Roberts. To their fortune, the land was zoned for both agricultural-residential use and was located within the city limits in West Eugene. Rod and Aileen offered each of their four children and their spouses to apply for the SongBrook Management position. As it turned out their youngest daughter, Cheryl, and son-in-law to be, Troy Brost, were selected to fulfill the management team. Upon graduating from Pacific Lutheran University, Cheryl and Troy began their new careers. The team of 4 seemed to do it all themselves -- from site prep work to the preparation of all legal documents. On any given day, Troy could be up to his knees in mud preparing a homesite, or in front of a computer creating SongBrook advertising material, databases, or spreadsheets. As SongBrook approached completion, Troy and Cheryl began seeking opportunity in manufactured home park ownership; in August of 2003, Troy and Cheryl purchased SongBrook as Rod and Aileen sought fulltime retirement. The transaction carries the traditions of SongBrook excellence through the next generation.

SongBrook was sold by Troy and Cheryl in June of 2015 to R&D Management LLC; who's desire it to continue as industry leaders offering a first class lifestyle attainable to all. Commonwealth real estate services currently manages SongBrook.