Complete Homesite and Landscape Maintenance Throughout the Entire Year!
Offered at and by a partner of SongBrook, "All Inclusive Homesite & Landscape Service, LLC"
  • Weekly turf and hard surface maintenance - mowed weekly, as needed, weather pending.
  • Lawn clipping removal; occasional lawn mulching to return natural nutrients to the soil.
  • Monthly turf fertilization; shrub fertilization, as needed.
  • Prevention of European Crane Fly, as needed.
  • Turf aeration and/or thatching, including over seeding, as needed.
  • Edging of all turf bordering all hard surfaces and planting beds, as needed.
  • Blowing of all hard surfaces after each mowing/fertilizing, as needed.
  • Shrub and hedge pruning - evergreens and shrubs pruned twice annually, or as needed.
  • Sculpture pruning and trees and shrubs taller than 15 feet are generally excluded.
  • Perennial and annual flower care; annuals and perennials fertilization, as needed.
  • Weekly planting bed cultivation to aid perennial growth and improve bed appearance.
  • All planting beds hand-weeded, as needed.
  • Leaves and debris removed from turf and beds, as needed.  No “seasonal accumulation”.
  • Hemlock bark mulch applied, as needed; 2” cover standard.
  • Spring irrigation startup and Fall irrigation shut down.
  • Entire watering season irrigation system alignment and maintenance.  (repairs made to breakage not caused by maintenance are priced time and material).
  • Annual pressure washing of all hard surfaces.
  • Annual rooftop moss/algae treatment and gutter cleaning, as needed.
  • All inclusive service for one low monthly flat fee of $125.00; only $28.85 per week!
  • Download the attachment below and return it to the SongBrook office to register!

-       Virtually eliminate potential landscape Rule and Regulation violations.

-       Monthly invoicing through Steward Property Management.

-       Professional onsite stewardship of your homesite.

-       Unbelievable value for your dollar!

-       No worries and hassle free!

SongBrook MHC LLC,
Feb 16, 2011, 4:34 PM